Reality As Science Fiction: Rian Johnson Interviews Christopher Nolan on Interstellar

By  · Published on February 17th, 2015

Warner Bros.

If you see Interstellar Brand Corn in the near future, you can credit Rian Johnson. The man behind Looper brought up the concept while interviewing Christopher Nolan about how much corn they planted for his latest sci-fi epic. The trivial takeaway is that they planted 800 acres of the stuff and made money because Matthew McConaughey didn’t drive through every single stalk. The greater takeaway is that filmmakers learn something new (and useful) on every shoot.

This interview – from an event at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica this January – offers a fantastic amount of information and insight. Consider it an open window into the minds of two excellent science fiction filmmakers.

My personal favorite is a section on finding reality in spectacle in a production age where CGI makes it possible to transfer anything from your imagination onto the screen. Sit back, carve out half an hour and enjoy:

Source: The Big Kahoona on Sound Cloud, Rian Johnson’s Twitter

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