Poster for Rian Johnson’s ‘Looper’: Right Side Up and Upside Down

By  · Published on April 6th, 2012

In September, Bruce Willis will be hunting Joseph Gordon-Levitt (unless it’s the other way around? Or the other, other way around?) for Rian Johnson’s Looper. You know this because Tyler knows this. And because you’ve probably had your calendar marked for this one since a year and a half ago.

The fine folks at /film have debuted the first poster for the Sony flick, and it looks beautiful, mirrored, and like it will continue the People Evaporating theme that’s hit everyone from Source Code to Total Recall lately.

Check it out for yourself:

As a piece of marketing it’s, you know, it’s okay. Not incredible or anything. It’s an interesting way of featuring your leads, but at the end of the day, it’s most likely the trailers that will do most of the heavy lifting to sell the movie to anyone outside the movie site world. Good thing the teaser will be out next week (so keep watching this space).

This poster doesn’t really tell the casual observer much outside of who’s in it (and that the movie no doubt has an abstract concept). It’s also a little surprising that they didn’t toss in “From the director of…” as a sales tactic. Maybe because this won’t be anything like Brick or Brothers Bloom.

Oh, and another strike against it? It’s completely unreadable upside down:

M.C. Escher would not be pleased.

Unless that upside down title is something in Russian.

Conspiracy theories anyone?

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