Please No: Shankman Vying for ‘Oz’

By  · Published on April 30th, 2010

Not too long ago, we reported that Robert Downey Jr might be up to play The Wizard of Oz for a prequel film (or an adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s other novels, if you will) called Oz the Great and Powerful. Alongside that possible production was the note that Sam Mendes might find himself in the director’s chair.

Now, The LA Times (via Chud) is reporting that Adam Shankman wants the spot.

The piece claims that he’s dropped out of directing the also-Disney produced Bob the Musical in order to jockey for the spot in Oz. The piece also tosses out the question of whether the man who directed American Beauty or the man who directed Hairspray would be better suited.

This is the wrong question to be asking. The correct question is whether the man who delivered American Beauty, Away We Go, Revolutionary Road and Road to Perdition or the man who directed Bringing Down the House, The Pacifier, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, and Hairspray is better suited.

I already know my answer.

Look, I even enjoyed Bedtime Stories in a mild, harmless family comedy sort of way, but Shankman isn’t anywhere near the league that Mendes is in. He’s a fantastic choreographer and capable director of mid-range comedy, but if you’re looking for someone who can bring the serious (yet outlandish) story of Oz to life, it’s not the guy who dressed up John Travolta in a fat suit.

What do you think?

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