Penelope Cruz or Rihanna Wanted for Third ‘Charlie’s Angels’

If a third Charlie’s Angels absolutely has to happen, do you care who plays the fourth angel?
By  · Published on January 27th, 2009

Drew Barrymore and fellow producer Nancy Juvonen both spoke up recently about their desire to put a third Charlie’s Angels movie on the fast track. They seem to be forgetting two things though… the second movie tanked at the box-office, and both movies sucked the shit from a dead dog’s asshole.

Unfortunately, quality has little bearing on the machinations of Hollywood, so a third film may very well be clogging a multiplex near you sometime in the next few years. There obviously isn’t much in the way of a plot yet (although that didn’t stop the first two movies) but Barrymore and Juvonen both agreed a fourth Angel, a la Cheryl Ladd in the series, would be a necessity. So who are they talking about at this early stage?

It seems both women want to expand the racial makeup of the crime fighting slags. Barrymore votes for Penelope Cruz, saying “She’s Aaaaahh-mazing,” while Juvonen says she’s “having a Rihanna fixation.” Personally, I’d vote for somebody who’s actually hot seeing as none of the original film Angels and neither of these choices are… but I’ll be avoiding the third movie so the casting is irrelevant to me.

On a side note, they say the movie could only be made with McG back on board. Terminator: Salvation isn’t out yet, but so far it looks to be McG’s mea culpa for his involvement with the first two Angels movies. If that does in fact turn out to be the case, I hope he doesn’t throw it all away by returning to the sewers of this franchise.

If a third movie has to happen, do you care who stars as the fourth Angel?

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