Paul Greengrass Wants To Get Inside You

By  · Published on April 2nd, 2010

Without any originality in left in Hollywood, the whole city is clawing toward old material to be re-spun into gold. Probably why some websites chose to write three-decades old news stories yesterday.

Cue James Cameron, a man who wants to produce a remake of the immortally sort-of-well-known science fiction flick Fantastic Voyage, and needs just the right director for the job. Because apparently the project is so sweet that he doesn’t want to do it himself.

Variety is reporting that Paul Greengrass might be the man lending his Oscar-worthy talent to the film which finds scientists shrinking down to get inside a man’s body.

I was never a huge fan of the original. It’s grade B material definitely, and it’s too high concept without delivering much beyond the germ’s-eye view of our innards, so I suppose it’s both 1) a terrible candidate for a remake and b) a genius candidate for a remake because of how much it can be improved upon.

Reportedly, the same tech that Cameron helped develop for Avatar will shrink its way down into our bloodstream. This is either an obvious move by Cameron to keep the train rolling on technology he’s fascinated by or a shrewd move to force Greengrass to use a tri-pod. Or both.

If you were concerned about it sucking, don’t worry. The guy who wrote Alien vs Predator is on it, and if he can handle courtroom drama at that level, you know he can handle people getting tiny and floating on platelets.

What do you think?

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