Open Casting Call for ‘Jersey Boys’ Lists Singing Ability as “A Plus”

By  · Published on August 17th, 2012

While it’s certainly not a requirement that the stars of musicals can actually sing, it does add a nice level of verisimilitude to the proceedings. Unfortunately for fans of the Tony Award-winning smash Broadway hit, Jersey Boys, it seems like musical ability has taken a major backseat when it comes to the casting of the play’s inevitable cinematic adaptation.

CinemaBlend passes along word that the Jon Favreau-directed adaption has sent out an open casting call for the film’s four leads (those, of course, being Frankie Valli and the three other original Seasons), and each individual call lists the ability to sign and play musical instruments (as it applies to the character) as “a plus.” You got that right. Considering the wealth of talent currently performing in the play on stages around the world, it’s a bit curious that none of those actors have stepped into any of the roles, but perhaps the production really wants to capture some fresh and new faces (singing ability notwithstanding).

Check out the casting call after the break. Think you have the chops? You can submit here.


20–29 yrs old. 5’8" or under. Italian-American. A small, tenacious, scrappy kid from a tough neighborhood with an unusually high, clear falsetto. He is talented, hardworking and determined to succeed. ABILITY TO SING TENOR PART AND FALSETTO UP TO TREBLE G A PLUS.


20–29 yrs old. 5’10" or taller. Boyish, fresh-faced Bob is the keyboardist. Something of a boy genius, he is smart and savvy beyond his years. ABILITY TO SING TENOR/BARITENOR PART IN TIGHT HARMONY AND KEYBOARD SKILLS A PLUS.


25–35 yrs old. Italian-American. A handsome, charismatic, smooth-talking operator with a quick temper, Tommy is a born hustler from a tough neighborhood and the essence of Jersey cool. ABILITY TO SING TENOR/BARITENOR PART IN TIGHT HARMONY AND GUITAR SKILLS A PLUS.


25–35 yrs old. Italian-American. A steady, sturdy, lumbering man of few words with a police record and a strong musical talent. ABILITY TO SING BASS/BARITONE PART IN TIGHT HARMONY AND BASS GUITAR SKILLS A PLUS.

Jersey Boys should sing (maybe!) into theaters in 2014.

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