‘Oblivion’ Trailer: We’re Starting to Think Earth Isn’t Just a Memory

By  · Published on March 1st, 2013

The fact that Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion looks just beautiful in its ads isn’t surprising ‐ his Tron: Legacy may have been a giant disappointment, but that disappointment sure looked nice on the big screen ‐ but now that the wow factor of the Tom Cruise-starring, future-set film has warn off, it’s time we actually examine the meat of what we’ve been shown so far. First of all, no matter what its tagline tells us, we’re fairly certain that Earth isn’t just “a memory.” In fact, we’re also fairly certain that Tom Cruise’s Jack Harper is actually kicking it on Earth throughout much of the film. Gotcha, marketing! Wait, we knew that already? What?

Of course we knew that already, but why then is the film’s tagline the bizarrely obtuse “Earth is a memory worth fighting for”? We know that Jack’s down on Earth, tasked with drone repair on a plant ruined after a long war with an alien race (essentially, he’s Wall-E), and we know that he finds people (maybe?) still living on the desecrated planet ‐ so why all this “memory” hubbub? Let’s hope Kosinski has an answer for us to make up for Tron.

In the film’s latest trailer, we get more “memory” talk and a greater understanding of Jack’s day to day work. Check it out after the break.

Oblivion opens on April 12th. [Apple]

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