Now ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Has a New Poster, Ho Ho Ho

By  · Published on December 15th, 2012

Look at those McClane men, sporting matching facial abrasions and pissed off grins! Just adorable.

We’re mere months away from the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, still amusingly titled A Good Day to Die Hard, so it’s about time we get a new poster for the Bruce Willis- and Jai Courtney-starring film, though it’s somewhat surprising just how much this new poster reminds us of Backdraft. What exactly are those flames doing there? What precisely is on fire? Should we be concerned about John McClane (Willis) and his estranged son Jack (Courtney)? Probably.

This new film moves the action to Moscow (sure) and pits the McClane dudes against underground baddies bent on controlling nuclear weapons. For added super-sized fun to that already out-sized adventure, Fox and IMAX have also announced today that A Good Day to Die Hard will be getting an IMAX release, making it the first Die Hard film to be re-mastered for the format. It’s big. And that’s not even it for today’s Die Hard news, as Fox has also crafted a new featurette about Courtney, so if you’re still wondering just who the heck that guy is, check it out after the break.

A Good Day to Die Hard opens on February 14, 2013. [Entertainment Weekly, via ComingSoon]

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