Noomi Rapace Might Be The New Ripley for ‘Alien’ Prequel

By  · Published on October 8th, 2010

Although her husband thinks she’s the new Sigourney Weaver, Milla Jovovich isn’t on the short list of actresses being looked at for the leading role in Ridley Scott’s new 3D Alien movie. The production has seriously looked at Abbie Cornish (who you know and will know from Bright Star and the forthcoming Sucker Punch) and Carey Mulligan (who you know from being adorable and Oscar-worthy in everything), but the front runner is apparently Noomi Rapace from The Original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

All the usual caveats apply here (including that she’s not actually Ripley because Ripley hasn’t been born yet in this story), but if Rapace gets the job, it tells us one thing about the character Scott and company have in mind: she’s a bad ass.

This would be great news not only because Alien is a stand out as far as strong female leads are concerned, but because it would mean introducing Rapace to a larger American audience as a woman who could make you want to move in with her and then beat you in the face with the butt of her gun for thinking it. Sounds like a brilliant casting choice. [Deadline Mansfield]

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