No, We Didn’t All Dream That ‘Twins’ Sequel; Studio Hires Scribes for ‘Triplets’

By  · Published on November 15th, 2012

Back in March, our own Rob Hunter eloquently expounded on the implications of Universal Pictures’ desire to create a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger– and Danny DeVito-starring minor comedic classic Twins, reportedly to be called Triplets and created with the intent to rope Eddie Murphy in as the third “brother” in the already deeply stupid scenario. Verdict? Well, stupid, but not beyond the realm of possibility in remake-happy Hollywood. We’ve heard scarce little about the project – until now!

Deadline Hollywood reports that Universal and Montecito Pictures have hired Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon to pen a treatment for the script (weirdly, these things don’t just write themselves and there are rarely any monkeys and typewriters involved), with Dixon set to write the final script. Also, Ivan Reitman will return to direct the sequel, which makes sense, because his Ghostbusters 3 is never actually going to happen.

The Tony-nominated Gad, while probably best known to mainstream audiences for his various comedic turns and television appearances, is currently the star, writer, and executive producer of NBC’s new series, 1600 Penn, which puts a comedic spin on life in the White House (and, yes, it definitely stars Bill Pullman as the American president, just as it should). That show will premiere in January. Gad also has some interesting film work coming up – including Thanks for Sharing, The Internship, Jobs, and voice work in Me and My Shadow.

We have no idea who Ryan Dixon is, though he apparently has an agent. And, you know, this gig.

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