Next Year’s Oscar Winners Revealed: The 2013 Black List

By  · Published on December 17th, 2013

As their press release reminds, 3 out of 5 of the most recent Best Picture winners and 7 out of 12 of the most recent Best Screenplay winners were all feature on The Black List before being picked up for production. When it comes to prestige titles, the annual survey of the best liked, unproduced scripts is peerless. Of course, their batting average comes naturally, considering that they’re asking hundreds of insiders for their favorite stuff. Some of those favorites are bound to get made and some are bound to be stellar.

Which puts the view of Hollywood executives as idiots who can only churn out sequels, superheroes and reboots into question. Or, at the very least, it puts their balancing act of riding tentpoles in order to create an adult drama or two into stark relief.

This year’s Black List is dominated by biographies, Hollywood stories (of course) and a giant shark that won’t work.

The full 2013 Black List is on their website, but here are a few (of the 72) loglines that caught my eye:

Even though it’s relatively young, The Black List has already begun the process of making itself obsolete by combining analytics and an open door policy to create a pay-based system for aspiring writers to get their work into the hands of producers. In fact, a handful of the screenplays that made this year’s cut originated on their website.

So congratulations to all who find their work featured this year. Here’s to the next step and to hoping that we get to see those special projects come to fruition. Next year’s Oscar ceremony awaits.

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