‘My Kidnapper’ Trailer: A Man Confronts The Man Who Held Him Hostage (After The Kidnapper Friends…

By  · Published on February 15th, 2011

‘My Kidnapper’ Trailer: A Man Confronts The Man Who Held Him Hostage (After The Kidnapper Friends Him on Facebook)

This whole thing seems surreal, and it’s the perfect buffet for the creativity-starved story crisis monster that’s smashing around Hollywood right now eating buildings and not paying parking tickets. Who might have known that originality would come from a true story.

Mark Henderson found himself in 2003 among a group of hostages taken deep into the Colombian countryside by the National Libteration Army (ELN). After over 100 days, they were released to safety, but a year later Henderson received an email from someone claiming to be one of the kidnappers. That was followed shortly by a facebook friend request.

That was followed by Henderson making a documentary about his kidnapping and his journey back to the very place he was held hostage to meet one of his kidnappers face to face.

Check out the trailer for My Kidnapper yourself:

Beautiful stuff. A few of the shots look so professional as to be staged a bit, but that’s speculation. Overall, this sounds like it could be an emotional hammer to the chest if done correctly, and the trailer certainly does its work to build interest.

Fortunately, Don’t Panic has an illuminating interview with Henderson on their site (which is where we snagged the trailer from as well). Hat tip to them. Go check out that interview and get even more excited for this doc.

What do you think?

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