Movie Date Ideas for ’21 Jump Street,’ ‘Jeff, Who Lives At Home,’ and ‘Casa de mi Padre’

By  · Published on March 16th, 2012

We’ve already signed up hundreds of people for FSR Dating – the first dating site for movie fans – and to aid the endeavor to provide all of our readers with that special tingle, we’re tossing out a few ideas (that you can totally claim as your own) for forming dates around this week’s releases. They’re perfect for finding a new flame or for proving to your current wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend that cheap roses for Valentine’s Day isn’t all you’re good for (even if it totally is).

This week involves cops pretending to be in high school, comedians living in the basement and Will Ferrell speaking only in Spanish. If you plan on catching 21 Jump Street, Jeff Who Lives At Home or Casa de mi Padre, what are you doing afterward?

Check out these thematic date ideas, sack up, and go ask someone out. Then send us the pictures.

How About We See 21 Jump Street Then…

…Crash a High School Reunion

Pretending to be in high school for your first date is a little creepy (unless you’re actually in high school), but you can always return to high school reunion style. The best way to make it fun? Make sure it isn’t your reunion.

There are tons going on all the time, so check your local newspaper. Then, dress however you want, steal some name tags and enjoy the smooth sounds of either Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson or Nirvana depending on what age range is heading back to the cafetorium. Make it a game with bonus points for whoever can make more people “remember” them and whoever leads the group in the Electric Slide.

How About We See Jeff, Who Lives At Home Then…

…Build a Basement

Admittedly, there’s nothing sexier than a man in his 30s living in his basement…unless it’s a strange guy convinced his wife is cheating on him. The movie might be fodder for solid relationship questions, and you can ask them while building your own basement.

Get involved with Habitat for Humanity, and you’ll at least be able to say you nailed something on your first date.

How About We See Casa de mi Padre Then…

…Learn a Foreign Language

You won’t be able to do it in a day, but you can still fool around with Google Translate. Plus, if you hit if off, you have a natural reason to see each other again: lesson numero dos.

If you get really good (at dating and at speaking), you can start talking bad about people behind their backs right in front of them. What else brings a couple closer together?

What are you seeing this week? Will you seriously take pictures for us? After all, we’re paying for your contraceptives.

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