‘Monsters: The Dark Continent’ Teaser Trailer: Space Octopuses Invade the Middle East

By  · Published on August 22nd, 2013

Gareth Edwards is hard at work demolishing most of Hawaii for his upcoming Godzilla reboot, but it was his first feature, Monsters, that gave him the monster movie street cred to earn a shot at Japan’s premiere giant lizard. And it seems that Monsters is continuing without him.

What made the first Monsters so special was Edwards’ deft touch with the beasties that bear the film’s name. Shot with less than $500,000, Monsters used that shoestring budget to accomplish the feat all creature features aspire to: the alien menace (in the form of glow-in-the-dark space octopuses) was rarely ever glimpsed onscreen, but its presence was felt throughout the entire film.

And though Edwards will only contribute to Monsters: The Dark Continent as an executive producer, the film’s first teaser trailer demonstrates that his sparing use of monster madness will live on. All we see here is a single shot (which is impressive in its own right), giving us a slight glimpse at the space octopus menace, and illustrating that even the most hardened of combat troops are seriously freaked out by whatever was left in their wake. Check it out after the break.

Monsters: The Dark Continent is being touted as a “continuation” rather than a direct sequel, and will see U.S. military forces kicking some alien behind in the Middle East (the film was shot mainly in Jordan).

Presumably, the “continuation” moniker means we’ll be seeing a story unrelated to the first Monsters in all but its alien-infested setting. The film stars Joe Dempsie (best known as Gendry on Game of Thrones), as well as Johnny Harris and Sofia Boutella. It will release sometime in 2014. [Empire]

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