Monsters Inc. Reopens in November 2012

By  · Published on April 23rd, 2010

Nine years after the hugely successful Pete Docter directed Monsters, Inc. hit theaters, new chairman of Walt Disney Studios Rich Ross announced a second installment slated for November 2012 at a media event on Thursday.

The tale of the inhabitants of Monstropolic and their business of hilariously producing screams from unsuspecting children was box office gold for Disney, garnering a worldwide gross of over five million dollars. There is little doubt revisiting the property will produce big crowds at movie theaters during the holiday season.

Box Office Mojo reports that the Disney/Pixar title will also be returning in 3D, not shockingly. While the trend has been troubling as related to quality in a number of recent offerings, I have every faith that Pixar will do right by the gimmick. To this point, in my book, Pixar can almost do no wrong. I look forward to revisting the world of Sulley and Mike.

Source: Hollywood Reporter