Mike and Sully Have to Go to College Before Working For ‘Monsters Inc’

By  · Published on January 3rd, 2011

This year is the first in a while that Pixar hasn’t had a movie on our Most Anticipated List, but that might change next year since they’ll be re-introducing the world to Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc Fortunately, they’ll be doing so by taking us all back in time to the rowdy college days at the University of Fear where the two became friends.

They’ll most likely go on some epic, wacky adventure between rounds of fear pong and chasing one-eyed co-eds.

Making Monsters Inc 2 a prequel is a potentially great idea because it opens up the world to more explanation and the kind of adventure that won’t seem quite as forced as seeing Mike and Sully take down another bad guy in the corporate structure. Plus, you know, all the raves. [Twitch]

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