McKee, Bettis Create Beautiful ‘Offspring’ Together

By  · Published on February 13th, 2010

According to Fangoria, the team who gave us May will be collaborating again alongside the chilling mind of Jack Ketchum for Offspring: The Woman.

If you caught Offspring last year, you’re one of the lucky few who got to witness a cannibal crew chewing through a quiet town in Maine. Despite some major flaws, the strength of the film was in the story. With Ketchum writing from his own material, that’s no surprise.

But now with McKee at the helm and Bettis starring, it looks like things might be coming together to form a better (or at least less-flawed) sequel.

McKee seems both excited as hell, and a bit frightened of the world he’s diving into. The money quote here:

OFFSPRING: THE WOMAN is an exploration of the very definition of horror. It is designed to incite feelings of fear, shock, nervousness, dismay, anxiety and disgust. It is designed to make you question what it is to be civilized, what it is to be feral and all the shades of gray in between. On a surface level, the film will make you jump, it will make you squirm and, for the more sensitive, it might even induce nausea. It will make you question my intentions in making it, as well as your own desire to watch it.

Clearly, this might not be for the easily moved to vomiting.

Which means I’ll be there as soon as it opens.

The story focuses on one of the women who survived the attack. Fortunately, it’s one of the women from the cannibal crew.

So there should be plenty more people-eating.

What do you think?

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