Mathematic Proof That Redbox Renters Love Adam Sandler

By  · Published on October 11th, 2012

Redbox is celebrating its tenth anniversary as the most convenient way to rent a movie on the way home from buying cough drops, and as part of that joyous recognition, they’ve released the names of the Top Ten Redbox Rentals of the past ten years. A few things jump out immediately from the infographic (which you can check out below). Namely, Adam Sandler.

The star dominates Redboxing. Not only is Just Go With It the #1 movie on the list, there are three other movies which feature Sandler’s handiwork (Grown Ups, Jack and Jill and Zookeeper ) hanging around in prominent positions. To put it another way, Sandler owns 40% of the real estate here.

What’s even more striking is the relative newness of all the movies at the top. The oldest is from 2009, meaning Redbox has been renting for ten years, but has exploded in growth over the past three. So what else made the cut?

It’s not like Werner Herzog and Harmony Korine were going to snag positions here, but Sandler’s influence is alarming disproportionate. If you ever wondered whether he was a bigger draw than Angelina Jolie, the answer now seems clear.

The list also seems a bit strange for what it lacks: sequels and remakes. Adaptations aside, this list is entirely made of original movies (and none of them have superheroes). So what does that mean? Are Redbox renters avoiding the Pirates and Marvel because they already saw them in theaters? Do they focus solely on new releases?

There are a lot of questions there, but at least we now know what Redbox renters watch and who to blame for encouraging Sandler’s new pattern of output.

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