SDCC: Marvel Unveils a Second ‘Defenders’ Trailer, Re-Ups ‘Iron Fist’

The Kung Fu billionaire isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
By  · Published on July 21st, 2017

The Kung Fu billionaire isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Breaking from San Diego Comic-Con: Netflix and Marvel did two things of note at their Friday panel celebrating their Defenders universe of shows. The first was a renewal for Iron Fist, the Finn Jones-led series that took a great deal of criticism when its first season dropped earlier this year. Much of the criticism was angled toward the tone-deafness of cultural appropriation and a lack of commitment to being progressive in the show’s casting. But honestly, the real problem was that the show’s first season just wasn’t very good. You’d expect a show about a super-ninja would involve some electrifying action. It did not.

Alas, Iron Fist was popular enough to pass the renewal test for Netflix and it will return following The DefendersThe Punisher, and possibly the second season of Jessica Jones. No release date has been set.

For The Defenders, Netflix released a second trailer. With the series debuting on Netflix August 18, we can now get a bit more story. As expected based on where the universe was left after Daredevil season 2, the head of “The Hand,” played by Sigourney Weaver, has brought Elektra back to tear down Manhattan. Someone call The Avengers! No wait, they are busy with movies. Call The Defenders!

Based on what we’re seeing in the trailers, there’s hope that the personality dominance of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, and Mike Colter’s Luke Cage will overshadow the general blandness of Finn Jones’ Danny Rand. It’s also nice to see all the rest of the supporting gangs back.

Watch the trailer below. The Defenders drops on Netflix at midnight on August 18.

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