Mark Carter and Paramount Will Celebrate ‘Serial Killer Days’ Together

By  · Published on December 8th, 2010

There’s nothing quite like a quiet summer day, rocking back and forth on the front porch, watching the parade slowly pass by, waiting to see which one of your neighbors will end up brutally murdered.

Mark Carter has been shopping around Serial Killer Days for a while now. In fact, it looked as though Jason Reitman was going to direct it back in 2008 after Juno came out, but he found his way to another project and another Best Picture nomination. However, a producer of both Thank You For Smoking and Up In The Air, Dan Dubiecki, is on board alongside Paramount to finally make the horror satire.

The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name which focuses on a town that has a serial killer at large that strikes on the same day every year. Of course, the town responds by throwing the murderer lavish parades, nominating the Scream Queen, and getting in a generally festive spirit for death.

A fantastic premise, and one that demands a little reverence and irreverence. The money quote comes from Carter:

“I hope to deliver the expected genre conventions but do it in an idiosyncratic, richly layered and unexpected world,” says Carter. “There will also be lots of blood.”

Bingo. It’s the intelligence matched with the red stuff that really nails it. An exploration of our fascination with killers and horror? Sounds perfect, especially in a year where another Scream sequel is finding its way to theaters. Plus, large groups of obsessed people (especially people obsessed with their own possible murder) are always a bloody treat. [THR]

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