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Mads Mikkelsen to Star in Dark Horse Comic Adaptation ‘Polar’

The next project for Mikkelsen is becoming the world’s top-assassin.
By  · Published on October 26th, 2017

The next project for Mikkelsen is becoming the world’s top-assassin.

Mads Mikkelsen, beloved by all who have seen his face, is going to star in a new action-thriller Polar. Variety has the news that Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund (Lemonade) is set to direct the picture for Dark Horse comics. Polar is an adaptation of the graphic novel, Polar: Came With the Cold by Victor Santos and has been in development for a few years. With Mikkelsen attached expect the project to really start gearing up in the coming months. The comic book was originally a Black, white, and orange webcomic that released with highly stylized art, but no speech bubbles. Dark Horse changed a few things with the hardcover release and has been high on the project ever since.

Art from Victor Santos ‘Polar: Came From The Cold’ Dark Horse Comics

Mikkelsen is set to play the world’s top-assassin Duncan Vizla, A.K.A the Black Kaiser who is set on retiring, but once your in that world you can’t ever retire. Seems like a similar premise to John Wick. The synopsis continues that Vizla is hunted by faster, stronger enemies that are determined to take him out. Having no other choice, he must renew his contacts and use his training in order to survive. Ok, so this is basically John Wick.

Producer Jeremy Bolt of Bolt Pictures says “Mads Mikkelsen was born to play the world’s best assassin. He is totally believable as the Black Kaiser in ‘Polar’ and Jonas’ unique, vibrant but grounded and darkly comic style will set ‘Polar’ apart as an unforgettable tale.” It will certainly be exciting to see Mikkelsen in a role that isn’t a villain. He is best known for his performances on Hannibal (TV), Casino Royale, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Doctor Strange. It won’t be hard to fathom Mikkelsen as the world’s greatest assassin, he fits the bill wonderfully.


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