Lynch in Six Movements: A Collection of Filmic Examinations from Renegade Cut

It’s like a college-level class in one article.
By  · Published on June 7th, 2017

It’s like a college-level class in one article.

Normally I like to dole out video essays like cards in a poker game, one at a time, but every now and again an essayist undertakes a massive project that can only be experienced all at once, and that’s exactly what Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut did last month when, in celebration of David Lynch’s return to storytelling (after a 10-year absence) with the new season of Twin Peaks, Thomas set out to apply his trademark erudite style of analysis to as many of Lynch’s films as he could. The result was six wonderfully-thorough examinations of Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man, Dune, Inland Empire, and Wild at Heart that are simply indispensable assets to anyone who counts themselves a fan of the director, or anyone who wants to be.

Thomas has the mind of a film professor and an easy, conversation style of delivery that can make even the most esoteric points accessible, and this collection of his Lynch essays is the perfect example of why you should have his Renegade Cut YouTube channel bookmarked.

So carve out a little time between new Twin Peaks episodes to immerse yourself in the wildly weird world of David Lynch on the arm of a sure-footed guide.

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