Lucas Directs Reshoots On Another Director’s Film

By  · Published on March 2nd, 2010

I honestly haven’t been keeping tabs on the Lucas-produced Red Tails even though it’s been in production since Fall of last year. Even though it’s a story about the Tuskegee Airmen. Even though it features Terrance Howard and Cuba Gooding, Jr (in what could be a return to form).

And I have no excuse for it. It’s great subject matter, with some talented performers and we should really be excited about anything George Lucas is producing – even if it’s too easy these days to be cynical and forget the greatness that the man has delivered in the past.

Plus, Anthony Hemingway cut his teeth on some great television shows, and it’s always exciting to see a director make the jump to features.

But apparently, he won’t be the only one at the helm. According to First Showing, Lucas himself is going to step in as director for some reshoots after being displeased with the results of principal photography.

What does that mean? I don’t know. No one does. Reshoots usually mean bad news, but I’m not one to get down and dirty with speculation. The First Showing crew is convinced that there’s calamity afoot, Lucasfilm is on the defensive saying it’s a scheduling issue, and Hemingway can’t do it because he’s already on the grind with the HBO series “Treme” and can’t do it himself.

Who knows. It’s probably somewhere in the middle. What’s clear is that Lucas isn’t pleased because if he was pleased, reshoots wouldn’t be necessary at all. Ergo propter hoc – he’s not happy. Or at least not happy enough.

The reporting is that the level of happiness is so low that the reshoots are going to be severe.

But I’m pretty sure Method Man is still involved somehow. For now, we can only wait with baited breath and hope.

What the?

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