Lost: The Final Season — ‘Ab Aetemo’ Video Blog

By  · Published on March 24th, 2010

The title of tonight’s episode of Lost means “from eternity” in Latin, and it’s felt both as a statement on the character arch of Richard so far and for what was yet to come.

This episode is perhaps the best episode of Lost this season, and maybe even the best episode of the entire series. It finally delivers on the promise of giving us answers. Despite a few lingering issues, Richard, Jacob and, well, The Smoke Monster have planted flags in the ground letting the audience know exactly what everyone is fighting for.

It’s a bottle of wine.

As usual, we have Lost aficionado David Gunn, the insightful Emily Younger, and fake-expert Cole Abaius delving into the bigger questions and the ramifications of what’s been revealed:

  1. Is the island really Hell?
  2. Can Richard know where to take the crew next?
  3. Is it fashion-forward for cowboys to wear black hats?

Press play, come up with your own theories, and enjoy:

What do you think? This is all some Autistic child’s dream, right?

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