‘Losers Take All’ Trailer: Crazy Rockstar Kids Make It Big in the City

By  · Published on October 9th, 2013

While Kevin Smith has busied himself with the upcoming Clerks III and the horror film Tusk, he’s also tackling a number of smaller, indie projects as producer and distributor. Losers Take All, directed by Alex Steyermark, is one of those side projects, the story of a 1980’s band called The Fingers that has to (what else?) choose between sticking with their original sound and selling out.

It’s the age-old tale of small town heroes trying to make it big while also not giving in to The Man. The finally have people with authority who believe in their dinky basement band, but where do they draw the line at keeping things in their control? It all seems a little heavy-handed though; it took about 15 seconds for the 80s Jocks to show up and call them losers. Of course this means they’re going to be famous and stick it to everyone back home now.

Of note: The Fingers may be a fake band, but they play all of their own music in the film, as heard throughout the trailer. Check out the trailer here:

Losers Take All is in theaters in limited release and VOD on October 25th.

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