‘Looper’ Trailer Showcases Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Transformation and Rian Johnson’s Future

By  · Published on April 13th, 2012

After having to deal with those teasers-for-the-teaser annoyance, we now have the actual teaser trailer for writer/director Rian Johnson’s Looper, his futuristic sci-fi thriller featuring a Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt face-off, both playing the same character. Right off the bat you can see Gordon-Levitt is channeling Willis’s well-known demeanor and style. But based on the impression this trailer gives, it’s an actual transformation, not an impersonation.

Take a peek at Bruce Willis apologizing for Surrogates:

The trailer does a solid job at setting up the future and rules Johnson has created. This seems as if it’s going to be one of those sci-fi movies that gets the exposition out of the way quick, becoming more about the relationship between Joe and Older Joe, instead of the world itself. With that said, Johnson’s world is rather striking in this preview, and more distinct compared to most of its recent sci-fi brethren: grounded, but not gritty.

Side note: I wonder how many theater-goers who check this trailer out this weekend will say, “A Rian Johnson picture? That means I gotta see it!”

Looper opens on September 28. [Apple]

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