Lionsgate Rolls the Dice on ‘Cube’

By  · Published on March 8th, 2011

More than a decade before Splice (and most notably before Saw) director Vincenzo Natali made a film called Cube wherein a group of strangers woke up inexplicably in a maze of cubes that had been booby trapped with an appetite for destruction. In many ways a forerunner to the Saw films, Cube might now replace the horror franchise as Lionsgate’s go-to for October.

According to Shock Til You Drop, the company is planning on returning to the film with the geometrically accurate Cube 3D. It’s unclear whether it will be a sequel, prequel or a remake, but it could definitely end up as a pinch hitter for a trap-based horror franchise that made Lionsgate an intense amount of money. Hopefully, if the movie is successful, Lionsgate can set the next one in the arctic and call it Ice Cube.

If you haven’t seen the two movies that seeped out of the original like a pus, consider yourself lucky. However, if Natali is back on board, there might be something special brewing here.

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