‘Lemon Drink’ Faces Entertainment Addicts’ Nightmares

By  · Published on October 20th, 2017

A human meme takes a dark turn.

Friend of the site (and Twitter parody extraordinaire) William Goss wrote and directed this goofy short starring Christian Parrish and Byron Brown. You may recognize Brown, like I did, from the popular Doritos commercial entry he starred in back in 2012, which is jarring at first as you try to place his face, then is quickly overshadowed by the rest of the jarring film. He and Parrish flex impressive comedic chops as they must contort their deliveries inside a series of pop culture references.

That these references eventually lead to a nightmarish confrontation near the end of Lemon Drink is as metaphorically depressing as ever in today’s creepy nerd climate.

Showcasing comic and horror technique in its brief runtime is impressive enough, but the film’s a bit deeper than that. A genuinely funny climax (The Day the Earth Stood Still fans, this one is for you) bolsters a film that understands the inherent creepiness of substituting pop culture references for a personality.

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