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‘Kitty Pryde’ Movie Being Developed By ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller

A beloved X-Men heroine could be getting her own feature.
Kitty Pryde
By  · Published on January 9th, 2018

A beloved X-Men heroine could be getting her own feature.

It is hard to imagine any comic movie getting off the ground from Fox in the near future given the nature of their deal with Disney, but here we are. Word is that Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, has his eyes on a Kitty Pryde solo outing. Kitty Pryde is one of the original X-Men and is certainly a beloved character that would do well in a feature film.

The news comes from Collider who sites many unnamed sources. Kitty Pryde has had many iterations over the years and can pass through objects, disrupt electromagnetic fields, and levitate. Miller currently is setting up the project with 20th Century Fox, but it is complicated right now. Something could still affect the deal so Fox wants to makes sure they have projects lined up regardless. Miller is continuing to fill up his own obligations since he is currently producing a Sonic the Hedgehog feature and set to direct a new Terminator film as well.

This isn’t the first time that Kitty Pryde will appear in a feature film. Her character has appeared in the X-Men series of movies as cameo appearances and she was also depicted by actress Ellen Page for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past. One of my favorite versions of Kitty Pryde appeared in an X-Men animated series pilot that never went to series. In the episode, Pryde of the X-Men, Kitty Pryde is introduced to the X-Men and becomes a vital part of the team. It is available on YouTube on through many different streams and it is worth a watch to get an idea of why the character is so beloved.

We have no idea if this will actually happen, but hopefully, Kitty Pryde gets her time to shine sooner rather than later.

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