‘Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show’ Proves That Life Really Does Find a Way

By  · Published on June 6th, 2012

As you may have noticed, Rejects HQ is located in beautiful Austin, Texas. Austin is a town of many pleasures, from the survival of two local video rental stores, to the shit-ton of bats the live under one of our bridges, to the best movie theater in the world. But that’s not all Austin has to offer. It’s also home to some damn creative folks and a few of them have banded together once again to assault your eyeballs with awesome.

You may have heard tell of the Old Murder House theater, a group of crazy people transplanted to Austin from parts unknown, who take major motion pictures and turn them into live stage plays. They made a name for themselves with previous shows like Back to the Future Live, Robocop Live, and last year’s incredible spectacle, Aliens on Ice! But they’ve come up with a whole new ballgame for this summer, an epic 10-city tour (thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign) that stretches from coast to coast to bring you Jurassic Park like you’ve never seen it before with their Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show.

Being the hometown, the tour will kick off right here in Austin at the State Theater this Sunday night at 8:30PM. From there, the boys will head around the globe…or at least the country, before playing one last encore show here in Austin on July 3rd.

On the off chance that I haven’t fully convinced you that this something you need to experience, you can check out their official website here, where you will find a video explaining the history of the troupe. You can find plenty of clips of their previous exploits on that YouTube thing. Are you ready now?

Good! Because tickets are on sale now at the State Theater website. Go here now and click on Jurassic Park Live Dino Action Show and get your tickets for Sunday night. We’ll see you there.

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