Junkfood Cinema’s Modern Junkfood Masters: Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett

By  · Published on April 14th, 2015

As April rolls on, we continue to spotlight those fantastic genre filmmakers destined to one day be Junkfood Cinema legends. This week, we discuss the director/writer tandem of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. These Modern Junkfood masters have been massively heralded at every festival in which their films have appeared, but an ugly behind-the-scenes corporate merger disrupted what should have been their mainstream breakout.

Cargill and I discuss the strange story of You’re Next (along with why we love it), we wax poetic about A Horrible Way to Die, and we are mesmerized by Downtown Abs-ey’s Dan Stevens in The Guest. We wrap up the show explaining how their small, but powerful body of work makes Adam & Simon the perfect team to remake I Saw the Devil.

Don your animal masks and sink your fangs into this tasty episode!

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