Junkfood Cinema: Yor Time Is Now

By  · Published on June 4th, 2015

Random Movie May(ish) wraps up with Cargill and I traveling both forward and back in time (I guess it really is a flat circle) to do battle with the delightfully insane Italian sci-fi/sword-and-sandal flick Yor, The Hunter from the Future!

As some esteemed critics have noted, this forgotten fantasy flight ‐ with its preponderance of loincloths, thrashing blades, and scantily clad maidens ‐ is “Frazetta as fuck!”

Truth be told, we’re the ones who said it was “Frazetta as fuck,” and while we may not be so esteemed, we at least know a kickass theme song when we hear one. And by the end of this episode, there is no way you won’t know Yor’s kickass theme song.

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