Junkfood Cinema: Valentine’s Slay

By  · Published on December 9th, 2014

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Well, it’s Christmas time at JFC, and that can mean only one thing: murder! No, we’re not talking about exploding turkeys or accidental candy cane impalement. It’s time to watch some ho-ho-horror movies! All this month, Cargill and I will be traversing the calendar and celebrating those horror flicks that seek to sever all joy from their designated season. These won’t always be Christmas horror, but they will always be sinfully delectable.

First up, we park the car on February 14th and spend some quality time with My Bloody Valentine. This Canadian gem gave us a plethora of major miner frights and taught us that an engine block can double as an oven. Life may be like a box of chocolates, but MBV proves that box also contains plenty of death.

Enjoy, and mark your calendars for the next bloody installment of this latest series!

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