Junkfood Cinema: The Night is Dark and Full of Madness

By  · Published on March 3rd, 2015

New Line Cinema

March is here, and while most turn their attention to college hoops, Cargill and I thought we’d inject ourselves with a very special strain of March Madness. All month long, we’ll be charting the boundaries of sanity and celebrating our favorite cinematic loons, kooks, and whackjobs.

First up, we tangle with four of the most unnerving escaped inmates any asylum has ever carelessly let slip through security with Jack Sholder’s Alone in the Dark. If you’ve ever wondered what Jack Palance, Martin Landau, and Dynamo from The Running Man would be like as free-range psychopaths, do we have a flick for you!

Not sure what this town expected when they put Donald Pleasence in charge of the nuthouse, but what we got is the most subversive anti-slasher flick to ever be sold as a slasher flick.

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