Junkfood Cinema: Step By Step

By  · Published on December 16th, 2014

Keeping things festive around these parts, Cargill & I continue to move across the calendar and celebrate our favorite holiday horror films. We leap ahead to June and pay a visit to The Stepfather. True to our nature as shady flimflamers, The Stepfather doesn’t actually take place on Father’s Day. I know, it’s a cheat, we’re scoundrels. However, if there is one film that will make you rethink sending that new necktie to dear old dad this June, it’s The Stepfather.

Terry O’Quinn (with hair no less) stars in a slow-burn, entirely unsettling family horror/drama that Mike Brady definitely does not want you to see. Give the episode a listen to find out whether father actually knows best, and why we tend to think The Stepfather is the best!

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