Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Where Nomads Has Gone Before

By  · Published on January 6th, 2015

We’re starting 2015 at the beginning, or rather with beginnings…we’re starting at the beginning with beginnings. Confused yet? Great! All January long, Cargill and I will be discussing the first films of four celebrated directors. We’ll be reviewing these movies on their own merits, but also striving to discover the seeds of style that would come to define those directors as artists.

We kick things off with the woefully overlooked Nomads, a supernatural thriller from John McTiernan…who would never again make a supernatural thriller. Pierce Brosnan stars as a French anthropologist who learns that sometimes dying hard is hardly the end. Yikes, even I’m not comfortable with that pun.

Give the episode a listen and tune in each Tuesday this month to find out which other filmmakers we feature.

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