Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Roadside Prophets

By  · Published on October 6th, 2015

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Here at Junkfood Cinema, we like to think of ourselves as a truckstop along the highway of film; an out-of-the way haven for those wayward movies who can’t seem to find a place in the mainstream world. We also serve piping hot coffee, tall stacks of pancakes, and greasy bacon by the ton. Wait, we can no longer hear the metaphor over our growling stomachs.

1992’s Roadside Prophets is by all measures a lost film, and it damn sure shouldn’t be! A wild and engrossing exploration of counter-counterculture with enough colorful characters and edge-of-the-world hijinks to entertain Jack Kerouac and Jim Jarmusch…why did we invite both of those guys?

Find out by listening to our latest roadside attraction!

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