Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Night of the Creeps

By  · Published on February 18th, 2016

This week, we do the mash! We do the gennnnnnre mash! Well, actually Fred Dekker is the one who orchestrates this 1986 genre mash entitled Night of the Creeps!

Part 80s teen comedy, part 50s sci-fi horror, part 30s noir (and all fantastic), Night of the Creeps is a film that shouldn’t work, but Dekker’s infectious nostalgia and dedication to charming, engaging characters allows for whole of Creeps to be greater than the sum of its severed parts! Plus, Tom Atkins (a man so cool that “plus, Tom Atkins” isn’t even considered a sentence fragment)!

Come let’s stroll… through another thrilling episode of Junkfood Cinema.

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