Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Cobra

By  · Published on June 16th, 2016

We’re kicking off a new season of JFC, the best of seasons in fact. Welcome to One Junky Summer! Each week, Cargill & I will be dissecting and devouring a film from one of the weirdest, most interesting filmic summers of all time: 1986.

Starting things off with a bang (read: several bangs), is Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra. You may know Cobra as a gravely-voiced Dirty Harry knockoff, or as the cure for the common crime, but perhaps you don’t know that Cobra is one of the most pulsing, angry conservative films of the Regan era. Cobra is not just a character, he’s a response to a society grappling with a rise in violent crime rate and a perceived liberal agenda handcuffing the wheels of justice.

Don’t be alarmed however, as Cobra is also a wildly entertaining action romp with plenty of Sly tropes to spare. Plus, we also discuss imaginary partner syndrome, Stallone the diva, and subliminal robot fornication.

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