Junkfood Cinema: Configure It Out

By  · Published on March 31st, 2015

March has ended, and so too has its madness. But before Cargill and I hang up our straight jackets, we take you to an ancient, long-forgotten castle in the Pacific North…nation of Hungary. That’s right, skipping over the first eight (that don’t exist), we’re talking about The Ninth Configuration! That’s right, the best movie EVER…to be produced by a soda company (true story).

The writer of The Exorcist makes his directorial debut with this story of insanity, identity and Christianity. Apart from its astounding cast, The Ninth Configuration is a fascinating exploration of faith that, as we conclude in the episode, takes place within the same universe as Exorcist. Its existential underscore and philosophical deconstruction makes for a movie that is both entertaining and was described by one critic as being “deep as fuck.” That critic was Cargill…during this show.

Come for the crazy, stay for the laughs, get tricked into hearing some insight. That’s our kind of madness.

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