‘Jigsaw’ Trailer: The ‘Saw’ Franchise Lives On

The ‘Saw’ franchise is reborn in a sense, as ‘Jigsaw’ defies death and time to continue his reign of terror.
By  · Published on July 20th, 2017

The ‘Saw’ franchise is reborn in a sense, as ‘Jigsaw’ defies death and time to continue his reign of terror.

As this point, the Saw franchise is basically horror’s answer to action’s Fast and the Furious franchise. The analogy goes deeper when you consider that James Wan, the filmmaker who co-wrote (alongside Leigh Whannell) and directed the first Saw film also directed the seventh Fast and Furious film. The one thing these two franchises, both over a decade old and still going strong, have in common: they know how to give their fans what they want.

In the case of the Fast franchise, it’s ridiculous car stunts and huge overtures to the enduring draw of the family. For Saw, it’s clever traps, sadistic puzzles, and the silky, sinister voice of Tobin Bell. In this upcoming eighth tale of Jigsaw’s terrifying reign, directed by The Spierig Brothers (Predestination, Daybreakers), Bell’s character is front and center. All the hallmarks of the franchise are present in the first Jigsaw trailer— from Billy the Puppet to the traps to hints of the “Hello Zepp” music. Basically, it’s another opportunity for a very successful franchise to go all-in on some fan service. And based on what we’re seeing in this trailer, it’s a very slick version of Saw thanks to the cinematography of Ben Nott.

It’s a curious thing. When Saw 3D was released, it was said by many involved that the franchise would end there. But according to composer Charlie Clouser in an interview with THR, Jigsaw is more of a reinvention of the franchise. He explained that “the Spierig brothers can deliver a fresh take on the material that will establish a new story line and new characters that can carry the saga into the future.”

So let’s not expect Jigsaw to be the end, either, when it hits theaters on October 27, 2017.

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