Jason Bateman Batter Blasts Jennifer Aniston In ‘The Baster’

Have you ever tried Batter Blaster? Pancake/waffle batter in a pressurized can like whip cream? And it’s organic? Good stuff.
By  · Published on February 6th, 2009

Have you ever tried Batter Blaster?  Pancake/waffle batter in a pressurized can like whip cream?  And it’s organic?  Good stuff.

In related news, Variety reports that Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston have signed on to a new comedy called The Baster.  The two play best friends, but when he discovers she wants to have a child via insemination he swaps his own baby batter for that of the actual donor.  She becomes pregnant and he’s forced to live with the secret that the resulting child is his.  The cast tells me this is going to be a comedy that ends with the two in love, but tricking someone into squirting your seed between their legs seems like a pretty big transgression between friends.  Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

The Baster is based on a Jeffrey Eugenides story from The New Yorker, so it most likely isn’t as crass as the synopsis sounds.  At least I don’t think so… it will be directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck though, the duo who helmed Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory.  It should start filming this spring.

Seriously. Go try some Batter Blaster. It’s good, tasty, and fun.

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