Japanese ‘Unforgiven’ Remake Gets a New Trailer and Clips with English Subtitles, Samurai Swords…

By  · Published on August 15th, 2013

Japanese ‘Unforgiven’ Remake Gets a New Trailer and Clips with English Subtitles, Samurai Swords and Cowboy Pistols

Like The Wind Rises, which recently had its trailer updated with English subtitles, Sang-il Lee’s remake of Unforgiven has just been give the same treatment. Even better, this updated trailer (the Japanese-only version first made waves last month) comes paired with three new clips. Thankfully all the clips come standard with English subs.

If you’ve seen Clint Eastwood’s original, than the subtitles aren’t really necessary anyway- this adaptation looks faithful enough that those with an understanding of the film should be able to glean the context of any scene through the visuals alone.

Check out the English-subbed trailer below along with the three clips.

But the real question here is how this Unforgiven (or, Yurusarezaru Mono), will differentiate from the original work. All these clips seem to offer is scenes taken directly from Eastwood’s version, albeit with a few pistols swapped out for samurai swords. This could easily be one of the few remakes with real merit. Eastwood’s Unforgiven subverted the typical characters in a Spaghetti Western, but many of those old Westerns were based off early samurai films. If played right, this new Unforgiven could be the fourth intelligent twist on the same material.

But if it’s not, at least it looks pretty and it has Ken Watanabe in the starring role. That’s good enough for me. Check out the clips below courtesy of Rope of Silicon.