It’s Liam Neeson vs The Wolves in Carnahan’s ‘The Grey’

By  · Published on September 3rd, 2010

We’ll never get to know what Bradley Cooper would have been like in The Grey, but with Liam Neeson replacing him, Joe Carnahan’s next film becomes exponentially more interesting. Neeson is a far more compelling figure to watch on screen, especially in an action context. Part of that has to with age, and part of it has to do with ability.

Fortunately, he’s down to take on some territorial wolves who don’t appreciate humans stealing all their precious oil. That’s why they hung up that mutilated, mustachioed man who came to them talking about milkshakes as a warning to anyone else who might try it.

This is just a guess, but I’m betting Neeson’s character dons a wolf costume in order to gain their trust, but he ends up learning to love them and their ways, eventually leading to a moralistic showdown between his former oil company colleagues and his newly found pack.

Actually, it sounds like a typical high concept action flick featuring man vs nature out in the colds of Alaska. We’ll see Neeson next in The Next Three Days. [Heat Vision]

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