It’s A Good Day! The ‘Die Hard’ Franchise Returns to the R-Rating

By  · Published on January 14th, 2013

It wasn’t the only thing messing with its mojo, but the PG-13 rating did exactly zero favors for Live Free or Die Hard. It was tough to see a character whose catchphrase involves the term “motherfucker” reduced to melonfarming and shooting bullets at people filled with pillow stuffing instead of blood, but the right has been wronged for A Good Day to Die Hard.

According to Collider, the newest incarnation of John McClane as superhero has received the coveted R-rating which means, at the very least, that Bruce Willis will actually get to say his slogan with full gusto this time.

Of course, the rating itself doesn’t save the franchise from its own absurdity. If director John Moore and company can turn McClane back into the simple, headache-owning cop by ripping off the cape the series has slowly given him, it’ll be a step in the only right direction. Fortunately, they’re going with the “Passing the Torch” plot concept. One that has never, ever, ever come of as forced and terrible. The potential of Jai Courtney as McClane Jr. aside, we’ll get to see Willis throw a tank into the Kremlin or something come February 14th. Romantic!

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