Is the ‘Interstellar’ Unlimited Unlimited Ticket For You?

By  · Published on November 17th, 2014

Paramount Pictures

Christopher Nolan’s outer space opera, Interstellar, has yet to crack the $100 million mark domestically – although it is close, and could potentially pass that marker as you read these very words – but Paramount Pictures is already banking on return viewers to help drive the film’s box office. In fact, they’re making it even easier for ‘stellar superfans to see the film again (and again and again and again) with a shiny new unlimited ticket program. The studio, in tandem with AMC Theatres, has just released word that they’ve launched an “out-of-this-world opportunity” to see the film as much as you’d like. In AMC Theatres. Until the movie is out of theaters, we guess.

Although this specific ticket is the first of its kind, similar specialty deals have recently been offered for other blockbusters. Regal Theatres offered a so-called “super ticket” for Transformers: Age of Extinction – another Paramount offering – just this summer, allowing moviegoers to tack $15 on to their ticket price to get two different digital Transformers movies and a digital copy of Extinction upon its home video release. The year before, Paramount gave a “super” treatment to their Anchorman 2, a $33 offer that gave fans the chance to the sequel in theaters before its official release date, along with downloads of the first film, the “lost movie” Wake Up, Ron Burgundy and a pre-order of Anchorman 2 via digital download.

Still, this Interstellar unlimited ticket is the first offer to specifically offer fans the chance to see the same film for a set price. But should you do it?

Here’s how the unlimited ticket option will work, per a press release from Paramount and AMC:

“INTERSTELLAR Unlimited Tickets are available for sale to AMC Stubs members at AMC box offices in 330 locations across the country. The INTERSTELLAR Unlimited Ticket price varies by location, ranging from $19.99 to $34.99. All AMC Stubs members who have already purchased a ticket to the movie can upgrade for $14.99. A commemorative INTERSTELLAR pass will be issued, which can be used at any AMC location playing the film. While the ticket is unlimited, quantities are not, and guests are encouraged to get their Unlimited Ticket while supplies last.”

Perhaps you’re hip to the catch here: you need to be a member of AMC’s Stubs program in order to cash in on the deal. The program is not free to join (it will run you a one-time $12 fee), though it apparently allows members the chance to earn free popcorn, which could certainly come in handy as you approach your 89th viewing of Interstellar. You’ll need the sustenance as you rocket into space again. The napkins will help wipe away Matthew McConaughey’s copious tears.

The most interesting element of this offer is the price point: existing Stubs members are making out like bandits here, as a one-time payment of $14.99 is close enough to a regular IMAX ticket price that, even if you see the film one more time, you’re not going to be out a giant chunk of cash. Otherwise, Stubs newbies in expensive markets will pay an upwards of $47 dollars to see a single movie. How many times can one person reasonably expect to see one movie in the theater?

Yet there is some value to be found in the ticket (as long as you love the film, definitely want to see it again and live in an expensive market), which AMC promises is good “at any AMC location, any showtime, in any format, including IMAX,” because even $47 could feasibly cover the cost of seeing the film twice in IMAX during a non-matinee time. A quick peek at the AMC website reveals that the price of a single ticket – in IMAX, during a prime time, here in New York City – would run an adult $19.99. A couple of viewings, and you’ve got most of your money back and a nifty pass to show off to your other Nolan-loving pals.

But if you’re just a regular movie-going joe? This probably isn’t the ticket for you. As Variety noted just last month, the average ticket price now hovers around $8.08. If you’re buying a Stubs membership in order to get the deal, and you happen to live in a cheaper market, you’ll still be paying around $32 dollars for the experience. That’s roughly four screenings to pay for the privilege. That’s astronomical.

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