‘I Feel Pretty’ Trailer: Amy Schumer Takes a Blow to the Head, Gains Confidence

Amy Schumer sets out to prove that all some people need to feel pretty is a head injury.
I Feel Pretty Amy Schumer
By  · Published on February 9th, 2018

Amy Schumer sets out to prove that all some people need to feel pretty is a head injury.

Amy Schumer leads the new trailer for I Feel Pretty, and it’s all you’ve come to expect from Schumer: poorly-executed self-deprecation, casual sexism, and, of course – celebrity cameos.

I Feel Pretty is set to be released in June 2018 by STX Entertainment, who bought the film at Cannes for $15 million. It will be the latest rom-com starring role for Schumer, who also starred in Snatched this past summer. She had also recently removed herself from the upcoming Barbie movie to make time for dramedy She Came to Me.

Schumer, a self-confessed size 6, plays Renee, a woman who can’t find her dress size in stores despite being played by Amy Schumer. She suffers from an ailing self-esteem and often finds herself at the short end of the stick of life. After falling off a stationary bike while at the gym, she experiences a head injury that changes her self-perception entirely: in her mind, she looks like a supermodel, despite her appearance remaining unchanged.

The film is both co-directed and co-written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, known for writing many of the last few decades’ most deceptively offensive rom-coms (Never Been KissedThe Vow, etcetera) and also stars Busy Phillips and Aidy BryantNaomi Campbell and Michelle Williams also make appearances, both playing the woman that can really only be found in films like these – the kind that physically gapes and squawks in front of another woman who dares to express self-worth.

In the age-old tradition of tell-don’t-show, the trailer all but explains the entirety of the plot. Schumer’s Renee becomes confident, and it changes her life entirely – the job shows her demanding a promotion, getting a boyfriend, strutting into a private jet. One must assume that, like its equally-ill-formed counterpart Shallow Hal, she will come to eventually and will have learned a little something about loving herself. All it took was a violent head injury to get her there.

If you’re interested, watch the trailer for I Feel Pretty here:

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