Hulu May Soon Bring Movies to Your iPhone

It looks as if the folks at Hulu are once again looking for ways to keep me from being productive. Now I might be able to ignore work and watch old episodes of Doogie Howser, M.D. on my iPhone.
By  · Published on April 20th, 2009

One of the first things that I do in the morning is dig around in a sea of RSS feeds and Twitter updates, looking for all of the news that will eventually be made interesting once I add my now trademarked brand of witticism. And normally I save reading about things not related to movies — like tech stuff and NHL playoffs news — until after I’ve sifted through all of the movie news of the day. But today is different, sort of. I was stopped in my tracks by a tweet from Kellvin from Latino Review. It struck me because as an avid iPhone user, there are a few services that I wish would cross over into the mobile realm, not the least of which is the video streaming site Hulu.

Now, according to an article over at Business Insider, Hulu is in the midst of putting together an iPhone app that will bring their library of streaming video right to your phone. Described as a “badass” app, the Hulu app would stream video in a similar fashion to the main website. The only major hurdle that I can see, and it appears as if BI’s Dan Frommer is thinking the same thing, is that the Hulu service runs on a streaming architecture, which wouldn’t necessarily allow for a show or movie to be downloaded and viewed later, say if you were going to be on a train or a plane. Should the app allow you to save for later, that would be fantastic. There is a possibility that a Hulu app, in my opinion, could absolutely corner the market on iPhone video, as we’ve yet to see anything truly impressive from the likes of Joost, CBS TV or i.TV.

According to the Business Insider article the Hulu app is currently in development and should be hitting the App Store in the next few months. Would you use a Hulu app for your iPhone?

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