How to Join Panos Cosmatos’s Cult

By  · Published on May 10th, 2012

The level of neon-glowing attention to detail in Panos Cosmatos’s Beyond the Black Rainbow is intense. The first-time director has taken the images of forbidden horror VHS tapes on rental store shelves and transformed his imagined movies into something very real, and very frightening. It’s a trip into a lonely cult that mixes religion, science and pills. We’ll talk with the writer/director about his psychedelic terror-scape.

Plus, Battleship Pretension hosts David Bax and Tyler Smith battle in our Movie News Pop Quiz, and the discussion turns to the nature of superhero movies. Are they an action subgenre? Can there be a superhero movie without any action? Is The Avengers the zenith?

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On This Week’s Show:

Movie News Pop Quiz [Beginning ‐ 22:00]: It’s Bax vs Smith in a Pretension face-off with superheroes hanging in the balance.

The Self Empowerment Cult Leader [22:00 ‐ The End]: Panos Cosmatos on starting his own reverse cult, crafting the homage to his childhood movie nightmare fantasies, and how to build an egomaniac.

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