How to Build the Most Human Characters From Interstellar at Home

By  · Published on March 27th, 2015

Even those who crossed their arms and harumphed in displeasure when the credits rolled on Interstellar have to give it up for the design team that grafted beauty and sleek design onto the 2001-echoing DNA of the movie. One of the most 2001-echoing parts was the group of monoliths, spray-painted silver and given artificial intelligence. They walked around like cubed Slinkys, saving fragile humans from monster waves and providing the kind of comic relief that people who’ve only eaten corn for two decades can’t muster.

TARS and its ilk were the MVPs of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi trek, and this ent-formative (both entertaining and informative! (I am so sorry)) shows how these metal wonders were brought to artificial life. Maybe they can help me with the text adventure game tie-in because I’ve been destroying humanity’s last chance for survival over and over again for the past week.

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